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Directorate-General for Budget releases its first publication in Croatian

The "EU budget 2013" (Proračun EU-a za 2013. godinu) is the first publication to be released by the Directorate-General for Budget in Croatian. The publication was distributed to its Croatian readers at the official opening of the European Commission Representation in Croatia on 1 July 2013.

The pocket-sized publication for the general public provides basic information about the 2013 EU budget. It introduces the EU budget, its role and emphasises its added value. In addition to the content pages, the publication also comprises a number of blank pages for personal notes.

The front cover features a pie with a visual representation of the 2013 EU budget, as adopted by the European Parliament. The pie illustrates the allocated budget per heading (chapter). Detailed information on how to find more information on EU Budget is available on the back cover, including the social media channels and contact details.

The 2013 EU budget pocket notebook in Croatian is also available as a PDF file: Proračun EU-a za 2013. godinu

Anyone can order EU publications free of charge. All publications in Croatian, published by the European Union to date are listed on the EU Bookshop website.