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Commission amends estimates of own resources for 2013: Draft amending budget 6

Following its May 2013 meeting with Member States on data relevant for the revenue calculations the Commission is proposing amendments to the 2013 EU budget taking into account the latest economic forecasts as well as received other revenue.

According to the updated forecasts received from EU Member States, in 2013 the revenue to the EU budget from customs duties are forecast to be 10,1 % lower than expected in May 2012. The main reason for this decrease is a lower estimated average tariff (1,21% instead of 1,32%). The VAT base used for the calculation of the VAT own resource is now forecast at 2,3 % lower than in 2012. The lower amounts of these two resources would be offset by an increase in contributions on the basis of GNI (€1.7bn) and the €0.56bn fine paid by Microsoft.

Every year, the Commission adjusts its forecasts of own resources through an amending budget. It is subject to an agreement by budgetary authority of the EU, i.e. the Council and the European Parliament.

Draft amending budget 6: Documents