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EU Budget 2013 available on Budget on-line

The EU Budget 2013 line-by-line is online, as adopted on 12 December 2012. The formal publication of the EU Budget 2013 in the Official Journal is foreseen for the 12 March 2013.

The general budget of the European Union is the instrument which sets out and authorises the total amount of revenue and expenditure for the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community for each year.

The budget is established and implemented according to a set of principles: the principle of unity, budgetary accuracy, annuality, equilibrium, unit of account, universality, specification, sound financial management and transparency.

The expenditure authorised by the EU Budget 2013 totals EUR 150 898 391 104 in commitment appropriations and EUR 132 836 987 855 in payment appropriations.

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