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Commission presents traditional adjustment of the current EU budget after resources forecast update

Following an agreement with Member States on forecasts relevant to the calculation of resources, the Commission has presented the usual update of Member States' contributions, amending the current annual EU budget. The total amount of planned income to the budget has not changed, the changes to national contributions based on more exact statistics amount on average to around EUR 126 million per Member State. In this draft amending budget, the 4th one proposed this year, the Commission also puts forward technical changes to the structure of the EU budget through the creation and modification of budget lines.

According to established practice the Commission has proposed, as it does every year, an update of the EU budget financing on the basis of more recent economic forecasts adopted at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Own Resources (ACOR) where all Member States are represented. Following a decrease in the estimated average tariff from 1,45% to 1,32%, a reduction of income from customs duties of EUR 1 520 million had to be taken into account, alongside a slight increase of the VAT (Value Added Tax) based resource by EUR 47 million.

In order to balance the level of expenditure and resources, the total amount of the resource based on GNI (Gross National Income) contributions has increased by EUR 1 473 million. The proposal also contains updates of the UK correction concerning the years 2008, 2010 and 2011. The amount for 2011 has increased by EUR 175 million while the amounts for 2008 and 2010 have decreased by EUR 31 million and EUR 211 million respectively.

Summary of changes in own resources for EU Budget 2012 (in EUR)



Budget 2012

Draft amending budget No. 4/2012

New amount


123 400 000


123 400 000


19 171 200 000

-1 520 400 000

17 650 800 000


14 498 917 425

47 380 875

14 546 298 300


92 221 838 371

1 473 019 125

93 694 857 496


126 015 355 796


126 015 355 796


More information: Draft amending budget No 4 to the budget 2012