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Simplification: 14 September 2016

Simplifying financial rules: Examples of proposed improvements

Simplification for recipients of EU funds

For example, thanks to the easier use of lump sums, researchers or students no longer need to waste time on the lengthy documentation of their travel expenses and can thus dedicate more time to research in the laboratory.

From multiple layers of controls to cross reliance on audit, assessment or authorisation, and harmonisation of reporting requirements

For instance, non-governmental organisations providing humanitarian aid and receiving money from several donors could spend more time on the field instead of doing paper work as the EU can rely on an audit already done by another donor (for example the UN) and should thus claim less documents from NGOs.

Allowing the application of only one set of rules to hybrid actions or in the case of combination of measures or instruments

For example, where a partner is asked to manage a financial instrument but also gets money for technical support, the same rules will apply (instead of separate rules for the technical support, as required today).

More effective use of financial instruments

Small and medium size enterprises should get easier access to finance through a faster combination of funds, uniform rules or reduced record keeping and simplified publication obligations (for example, the publication of individual recipients of less than EUR 500.000 is replaced by statistical data).

More flexible budget management

For example, faster activation of the European Globalisation Fund and the EU Solidarity Fund shall be made possible, to respond faster to the needs.

Focus on results and streamlining of reporting

EU funding shall be focused on agreed results (e.g. an earthquake shelter built in time) rather than the costs incurred to get this done.

Simpler and leaner EU administration

Eg. agricultural rules become simpler so that support to young farmers is granted more quickly.

Citizen engagement

For instance, citizens could be consulted on whether the money for their village should be spent on a new square or a children's playground.

Latest Administrative Simplification Scoreboard

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