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Events: Presentations

  • September 2016 Sustainability-oriented Future EU Funding, Margit Schratzenstaller (Austrian Institute of Economic Research WIFO), Danuse Nerudová (Mendel University Brno), presented at the High Level Group on Own Resources on September 30th, 2016. Presentation
  • June 2016 Redesigning the Own Resources: Possible Contribution from the Banking Sector – Vieri Ceriani (Advisor for the MEF, Italy), HLGOR meeting, 28 June 2016. Presentation
  • June 2016 Keys for Contributions from the Banking Industry: Sharing the Burden of the Single Resolution Mechanism - Alessandro Malchiodi (DG FISMA) , HLGOR meeting, 28 June 2016 Presentation
  • March 2016 Transferring Taxes to the Union The Case of European Road Transport Fuel Taxes - Michael Thöne Managing Director at FiFo Institute for Public Economics, University of Cologne, HLGOR meeting, 22 March 2016. Presentation
  • September 2015 Digital Sector Based Own Resource – conclusions reached by the EC Expert Group and OECD-BEPS Action Plan on taxation and the digital economy, Gianluca Papa (DG Communications Networks, Content hlgor/ Technology Unit Knowledge Base and European Semester), HLGOR meeting, 29 September 2015 Presentation
  • September 2015 Transport charges and taxes, Rolf Diemer (DG Mobility and Transport Unit MOVE A3), HLGOR meeting, 29 September 2015 Presentation
  • September 2015 How is the budget financed and why we need to change it?, Anne Montagnon (Task Force on Own Resources, DG Budget), Media Seminar, 21 September 2015 Presentation
  • March 2015 An own resource based on VAT, Stefan Lehner (EC DG Budget), HLGOR meeting 23 March 2015 Presentation
  • February 2015 Reforming ‘Own Resources’, reforming the EU Budget?, Gabriele Cipriani (ECA), HLGOR meeting, 26 February 2015 Presentation
  • October 2014 Governance of the EU: Implications for, and of, Own Resource, Iain Begg (European Institute, LSE), HLGOR meeting, 15 October 2014 Presentation
  • June 2014 Research in economics (and political science) on reforming the EU Own Resources System, Clemens Fuest (Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim and University of Mannheim), HLGOR meeting, 24 June 2014 Presentation