Financial Report 2014: budget focused on growth, jobs and competitiveness

The EU budget 2014 Financial Report by the European Commission gives an overview on the EU spending in 2014.It contains four sections: EU budget 2014, revenue, expenditure and annexes.

Section I presents an overview of EU finances in 2014.

Section II provides information on the budget revenue and describes the EU budget's own resources. It also explains a number of particularities such as the UK correction and other rebates, other revenue, donations and fines.

Section III represents the main part of the report, covering the expenditure from the EU budget. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current EU programmes.

Section IV includes six annexes on Financial frameworks 2007–13 and 2014-20; Expenditure and revenue 2014 by heading, type of source and Member State; Operating budgetary balances, Recoveries and financial corrections and Borrowing and lending activities.

 EU budget 2014 Financial Report 

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An overview of the EU budget annual phases
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