EU expenditure and revenue

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  • Operating budgetary balances: methodology and calculation
  • Year of reference: executed and allocated expenditure are actual payments made during a financial year, pursuant either to that year’s appropriations or to carryovers of non-utilised appropriations from the previous year.
  • Expenditure financed from earmarked revenue is presented separately, except for the payments made under EFTA appropriations, which cannot be isolated in the central accounting system of the Commission (ABAC).
  • Allocation of expenditure: based on the criteria used for the UK correction, i.e. all expenditure must possibly be allocated, except for external actions, pre-accession strategy (if paid to EU-15), guarantees, reserves and earmarked.
  • Since 2007, expenditure by Member State for heading ‘4. The EU as a global player’ includes, for non EU-15 Member States, the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)
  • Allocation by Member State: expenditure is allocated to the country in which the principal recipient resides, on the basis of the information available in ABAC.
  • Some expenditure is not (or improperly) allocated in ABAC, due to conceptual difficulties. In this case, whenever obtained from the corresponding services, additional information is used (e.g. for Galileo, research and administration).
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