Conference on Public Internal Control systems in EU Member States

Brussels, 27-28 February 2012

Conference Documents (CD)

CD 00 List of conference documents
CD 01 Draft Agenda
CD 02 Compendium of the public internal control systems in the EU Member States 2012
CD 03 List of participants
CD 04 Opening address by Mr Jouanjean, Director General DG Budget
CD 05 The role of DG IAS within the Commission's Internal Control systems, by Mr GRAY, Director General DG Internal Audit Service
CD 06 PIC systems in the EU Member States, an overview, by Ms BRETECHE, SIGMA
CD 07 What are public managers accountable for?, by Mr. ONGARO
CD 08 Discussion paper on managerial accountability, by Mr ONGARO
CD 09 Discussion paper in Internal Audit, by Mr CHAPON
CD 10 Managerial accountability: Global experience, by Mr DOROTINSKY
CD 11 Internal audit challenges, by Mr GARITTE
CD 12 Questioning the impact of Internal Audit in the public sector, by Mr CHAPON
CD 13 E-voting: Questions and analysis
CD 14 Workshops' logistics
CD 15 Final Conference Report



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