'Let’s Clean the Water' in Slovenia



The Local Action Group of Škofja Loka implemented a project for training a team of local advisers and establishing an advisory office on new environmental standards and legislation on treatment of waste waters. A follow up project funded the construction of four small waste water treatment plants and a wide range of awareness raising activities.


• The project provided 2 600 building owners with information on legislation requirements for waste water treatment, as well as access to professional advice.
• The project helped install four waste water treatment facilities of different types.

Programme name
Rural development
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
Razvojna agencija Sora d.o.o.LAS loškega pogorja, Slovenia
EU Budget contribution to the project
EUR 100 745
Municipality of Škofja Loka, Slovenia; Municipality of Železniki, Slovenia; Mountaineering, Slovenia; Association Sovoden, Slovenia
Project location
Škofja LokaSlovenia
2011 to 2013
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