Youth competition

About the "My Road to Europe starts at home" competition

Organised by the European Commission's DG BUDG, the competition runs under the patronage of the EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget Mr. Janusz Lewandowski. The theme of the competition is the EU Budget.

Secondary school students in Poland are invited to get organised in teams, write a joint essay and create a presentation with their essay conclusions. When ready, both the essay and presentation can be entered to the competition, by accessing this online form.

The purpose of this competition is to raise awareness about the EU Budget among young people in Poland, through a curriculum based activity. The competition also aims to help students enhance their own perceptions and broaden their perspectives on the EU integration project.

The competition is also expected to strengthen the financial education of the participants, as well as to improve financial literacy. In concrete terms the competition is an opportunity to learn more about where the EU money comes from and where it goes, how to budget personal needs and any other activities that need a budget.

The competition runs till 31 January 2012.

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