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Conference on the future of EU finances

The conference on the Future of EU Finances will take place on 25 September, in the premises of the European Commission in Brussels.

With its ‘White Paper on the Future of Europe’, the European Commission has set the scene for an open debate, mapping out the drivers of change over the next decade, and presenting a range of scenarios for Europe in 2025.

As part of the process, the reflection paper on ‘The Future of EU Finances’ has given rise to a debate on how to make the EU budget fit for purpose.

The forthcoming proposal for the EU 27 ‘Multiannual Financial Framework ’ — or MFF— will be the first milestone on the way towards the Europe of tomorrow.

This conference is designed to elicit ideas, encourage lively discussions and promote the sharing of views. We are hoping to hear your opinions on what we can do more and better!

This is the third conference to be held as part of the ‘Budget Focused on Results’ initiative. These events bring together representatives of European institutions, members of EU governments and stakeholders in a forum where they can share their ideas.

We are living through extraordinary times, and this year’s conference provides an ideal opportunity to discuss how the EU budget can help to shape Europe’s future.

Europe is changing, and Europeans are called upon to decide their future. Since the EU budget contributes to making EU policies a reality, the EU budget is, naturally, a central issue in the debate on tomorrow’s Europe.

We will be discussing how EU financing can create European Value Added; how to make sure that each euro spent has a positive impact on the European economy and the lives of European citizens; and, finally, how to design a budget that secures a future-proof Europe.

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Conference on the future of EU finances

Brussels, 25 September 2017

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