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Vote for the most important investment areas

The EU budget is relatively small, just around 1% of the Gross National Income of all EU Member States. Even so, for Europe's many regions, businesses, NGOs, students and researchers it makes a huge difference. Make your voice heard by telling us what you think should be financed from the common EU budget!

The voting is closed.
Thank you for taking part in the voting exercise. We will soon publish the results of your votes for the most important investment areas of the EU budget.


Agriculture and fishing

Supporting food and non-food agricultural products, nature conservation, tourism and rural development.

Consumer rights and health protection

Ensuring healthcare and increasing consumer welfare.

Development and humanitarian aid

Delivering EU aid for development cooperation involving worldwide countries.

Education and cultural heritage

Supporting education mobility and cultural diversity preservation.

Energy and digital networks

Employing sustainable energy solutions and building energy grids and pipelines.

Environment and climate change

Nature protection, preserving biodiversity, developing clean technologies and improve air quality management.

Job opportunities

Turning the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy with high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

Peace and stability in the world

EU is a reliable partner and the world’s biggest donor who acts as an engine for reforms.

Research and innovation

Contributing directly to the prosperity and well-being of both individuals and society.

Response to natural disasters or effects of globalisation

Providing aid and helping people help themselves when facing disasters.

Security, fight against organized crime

Strengthening fundamental rights and justice, security; safeguarding liberties, prevention of and fight against crime.

Transport and infrastructure

Building roads, railways and broadband networks.