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To make your research of the European Union budget easier, we have prepared a set of useful links to lead you to the core information.

Where does the money come from?

If you are looking for information about the different resources of the EU budget, have a look at this website. It gives an account of EU's own resources, other revenue sources, explains what the relation between revenue and expenditure is, and how do the national compensation mechanisms work.

More information

Where does the money go?

This website should provide you with sufficient detail on how the EU money is invested, what is the financial framework, its content and structure, what are budget's spending priorities and expenditure ceilings.

Multiannual Financial Framework 2007-2013

Multiannual Financial Framework

Are you puzzled about the Multiannual Financial Framework? This website contains information about the current MFF, its adjustments, review and the interinstitutional agreement.

Multiannual Financial Framework 2007-2013 figures

Decision processes

For a better understanding of how and by whom is the EU budget decided visit this website. It provides a detailed description of the annual budget procedure, a comprehensive decision-making scheme and a link to the relevant extract of the Lisbon Treaty.

How is the budget decided?

Financial management

If you are interested in more detailed information about who and how manages the EU money and what role does the EU Directorate-General for Budget have in this procedure, follow this link.

Who manages the money?

Budget 2011 in figures

The EU budget is divided into several policy areas, such as energy, the environment, climate, trade, growth and financial stability, which are best tackled at supranational level. For the precise figures of this year's EU budget browse through this page.

Budget 2011 in figures

Budget 2012 in figures

If you are interested in the planned distribution of the EU budget for next year, visit this page.

Budget 2012 in figures

Online library

This link will lead you to a set of relevant documents, publications and multimedia tools made available by the Directorate-General for Budget.



The EU budget is enormous! It is riddled with fraud! Overall, the EU costs too much! These are just a few of many common myths connected to the EU budget. To learn the facts and dissolve these myths, visit this page.

Myths and facts


What is 'flexibility instrument'? What is the difference between gross domestic product and gross national income? What does 'ceiling' mean? If you are struggling with the EU financial terminology, visit this website containing a very useful glossary.