Youth competition

Frequently asked questions

  1. Students of which schools are eligible to take part in the competition?

    The competition is open to all secondary school students, i.e. students of gimnazjum, liceum, technikum, as well as students of zasadnica szkoła zawodowa.

  2. Is it possible to form a team composed of students from different schools?

    Yes, it is not necessary for all students in one team to attend the same school. However, they still need to be coordinated by a teacher.

  3. Can one teacher coordinate more student teams?

    Yes, one teacher can coordinate one of more teams.

  4. Is it possible to combine the languages in the output, e.g. write the essay in English and the presentation in French?

    This is unfortunately not possible. Each language has its own category and combining them would make the evaluation difficult. Both essay and presentation need to be written either in English, French or German.