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EU annual budget life-cycle: figures

This page provides detailed information on the annual budget life-cycle. Select a financial year to display the latest data of a year. Optionally, you can select any other budget phase (draft, adopted, amendments) of a year. You can also select either commitment or payment appropriations and apply a filter by heading or programme. To compare two budget phases, select the 'Budget comparisons' option.

Figures and documents prior to 2014 are still available on the Financial Programming and Budget website


(In Million EUR)

X Y Y - X Y - X


Draft budget

The document prepared by the European Commission consolidating requests from all EU institutions and submitted to the European Parliament & Council no later than 1 September.

Adopted budget

The draft budget becomes adopted budget as soon as the European Parliament & Council approve it and it is signed by the president of the European Parliament

Draft amending budget

A proposal made by the Commission to amend certain aspects of the adopted budget of a year.

Amending budget

Once approved, a draft amending budget becomes amending budget.

Council position

The Council adopts, no later than 1 October, its position on the draft budget submitted by the Commission. The Council may amend the proposal.

European Parliament (EP) position

Within 42 days following the Council position, the EP adopts its position on the draft budget as amended by the Council. The Parliament may also amend the proposal.


In case the positions of both Council and EP differ, the two institutions enter into negotiations to find a compromise for a period of maximum 21 calendar days. The European Commission participates to these negotiations and takes all initiatives it judges necessary to reconcile both positions.

Amending letter

Before the conciliation starts, the Commission may present a letter of amendment to the draft budget on the basis of new information which was not available at the time that the draft budget was drawn up.

Disclaimer: The content of this webpage serves as an information guide only and gives public access to the EU Budget data. While efforts are made in preparing and updating the webpage content the European Commission has no responsibility for any errors and omissions on this webpage.