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BEPA’s Opinions – Special Issues

BEPA – The Commission's Strategic Lab -

"The EU in 2030: a long-term view of Europe in a changing world: keeping the values, changing the attitudes", by Margaritis Schinas -

"European Value Added - Key ways in which Europe adds value to European citizens and Members States" -

Le Rapport général sur l'activité de l'Union européenne 2011 -

Un petit discours de la méthode -

Empowering people, driving change: Social innovation in the European Union -

Le Traité de Lisbonne ou la tentation de l'intergouvernemental? -

Traité de Lisbonne: l'An I -

Madrid: A European capital embracing integration -

Travailleurs peu ou non qualifiés -

Le monde en 2025 -

Sustainability of public finances - Issue 32 - December 2009 -

The December Special Issue of the BEPA Monthly Brief is dedicated to sustainability of Public Finances. Sustainability is not an easy concept to define or to apply.

BRIC - Issue 29 – September 2009 -

September's BEPA Monthly is a special issue focusing entirely on the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, for which an economist at Goldman Sachs coined the term "BRIC".

Energy - Issue 21 - December 2008 -

2008 recorded, in June, the peak of a long and sharp boom in oil prices. Afterwards, and until now, oil prices have come crashing down on the back of the serious economic downturn. The year showed how much global economic developments and energy markets are co-determined. The timeliness of this BEPA Monthly Special Issue on Energy is all too clear.

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