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BEPA’s Opinions – Mediterranean Union

Berlaymont Paper - N° 1 - January 2012: "Arab Springs and transitions in the Southern Mediterranean: The EU and civil societies one year on" (ed. by I. Ioannides and A. Missiroli) -

Policy brief: The renewed European Neighbourhood policy: working with partners by Isabelle Ioannides and Margaritis Schinas (BEPA) -

The Proliferation of EU’s Proximity Strategies: Towards a Multi-Speed Neighbourhood Policy? - Issue 23 – February 2009 -

In 2008, two important initiatives have been launched in the framework of the relations between the EU and its eighbours: the “Union for the Mediterranean: Barcelona Process” and the “Eastern Partnership”. All in all, more than ten different frameworks are currently structuring the relations of the EU with its old and new neighbours.

Is the Union for the Mediterranean up to the economic challenges in the region? - Issue 23 – February 2009 -

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) created in July 2008 at the initiative of the French authorities invoked economic pragmatism in order to deliver tangible results for the citizens of the region. However, what started as an attempt to depoliticise the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) created in 1995 has quickly become paralysed precisely by the ongoing Arab Israeli conflict.

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