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BEPA’s Opinions

The input BEPA receives from external experts, along with the insights of the Bureau’s own in-house analysts, is compiled in BEPA’s many publications. Policy reports, papers and presentations offer comprehensive and in-depth analyses of the hot topics in EU policy-making. This focus on the written word and the close connection with academia remains important, but BEPA will not evolve into a supplier of dry theories. The Bureau publications will continue to provide useful, operational policy support. Studies should be regarded as policy input, not as an end in themselves.

BEPA Monthly Briefs - Archives

More about BEPA Monthly Briefs - Archives

BEPA’s Opinions – Policy Brief

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Policy Brief

BEPA’s Opinions – Special Issues

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Special Issues

BEPA’s Opinions – Foreign policy

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Foreign policy

BEPA’s Opinions – Mediterranean Union

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Mediterranean Union

BEPA’s Opinions – Climate change

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Climate change

BEPA’s Opinions – Economy

More about BEPA’s Opinions – Economy

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