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BEPA’s Opinions – Foreign policy

Issue 38 – June 2010 -

Acting (and thinking) globally
Global governance in transition
What external representation for the EU 7 / BEPA News

What should Europe do with Iran? - Issue 31 - November 2009 -

With Iran appearing to reject an agreement offered by France, Russia and the U.S. (and endorsed by the International tomic Energy Agency), talks with Iran over its nuclear programme appear to be heading again for an impasse. What should Europe do next?

Africa and the Global Financial Crisis: A Background Note - Issue 29 – September 2009 -

When the financial crisis erupted in full in September 2008, there were dissonant views as to how it would impinge on he world’s poorest economies and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. Africa had emerged unscathed from the 2007 subprime crisis. And because African economies were not deeply involved in global financial markets, there was hope that they would again not be directly affected.

L’Amérique nous divise-t-elle ? - Issue 24 – March 2009 -

Les relations transatlantiques ont été façonnées par un double héritage : celui de l’expérience individuelle de chaque pays européen avec le Nouveau Monde et celui de la guerre froide. Il en résulte une double série d’histoires...

The US Economic Recovery and a Third Industrial Revolution - Issue 22 – January 2009 -

Rumblings are growing louder among political and business leaders that President-elect Barack Obama’s recovery plan is not bold enough. But size alone will not ensure the success of this or any other stimulus package.

Obama and the EU - Issue 22 – January 2009 -

The U.S.-European partnership is the most important and the closest alliance between major powers in the world—probably in the history of the world.

  • Obama and the EU pdf - 25 KB [25 KB] euskara (eu)

EU-China: in need of new anchors - Issue 20 – November 2008 -

On the eve of the yearly EU-China summit, there are many signs that show this dense, increasingly complex relationship is still in search of a strong mutual basis. There have never been as many exchanges and programmes between Europe and China, and yet there has never been as much frustration building on both sides as to the purpose and the results of the relationship.

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