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Tribute to François-Xavier Ortoli

President and Vice-President of the European Commission (1973-1984)

The life of François-Xavier Ortoli – that becomes one with his actions – is too rich to be summarised simply. The impressive volume of his archives, now at the European University Institute in Florence, is a testament of this.

Under such circumstances, summarising can only lead to impoverishment. Instead of reducing the complexity and thereby failing to reflect the truth, it was better to choose – a verb of which he was fond – a number of striking features and illustrate them with his own words.

Devoted to François-Xavier Ortoli (Europe in the age of realism), the aim of this exhibition is to paint a – necessarily impressionistic and partial – portrait of this European who had such an exceptional destiny.


LIVE Inauguration ceremony of the Salle Ortoli
With the participation of José Manuel BARROSO, EC President.

Movie about François-Xavier Ortoli, Europe at the time of realism

Exhibition FXO, Europe in the age of realism

Photos of the ceremony on 27 October 2010

FXO photo archives

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