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  • Welcome to the web site of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

The EGE is an independent, pluralist and multidisciplinary body advising the European Commission on ethics in science and new technologies in connection with Community legislation or policies. The EGE members serve in a personal capacity and are asked to offer independent advice to the Commission. They have been appointed on the basis of their expertise and a geographical distribution that reflects the diversity in the European Union.

For every full Opinion to be issued by the Group, a roundtable is held before the Opinion is adopted, to which representatives of the Institutions of the European Union, experts of the fields, parties representing different interests, including NGOs, patients and consumer organisations and industrial stakeholders, are invited to participate in the debate. 

EGE Members-Composition


On 20 May 2014 the EGE delivered its 28th Opinion on the Ethics of Security and Surveillance Technologies to President José Manuel Barroso at an official handover ceremony.


On 8-9 April 2014 the EGE held its 37th monthly meeting in Brussels. The Group worked on finalising Opinion 28.


On 18-19 March 2014 the EGE held its 36th meeting in Brussels. The Group had a working session on Opinion 28 and welcomed Dr. David Rodin (University of Oxford).


On 18-19 February 2014 the European Group on Ethics held its monthly meeting in Brussels. The Group welcomed Ms Antonela Galetta (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and worked on finalising Opinion 28.


The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) met in Brussels on 14-15 January 2014. The meeting was focussed on developing the recommendations that will be part of the Opinion on Security and Surveillance Technologies.


On 19-20 November 2013 the EGE held its 32nd meeting in Brussels. The Group welcomed Ms Rosa Barceló (DG CNECT) and had a working session on Opinion 28.


On 15-16 October 2013 the EGE held its 31st meeting in Brussels. The Group had a working session on Opinion 28 and welcomed President Barroso on 16 October 2013.

EGE meeting October 2013


On 19 September 2013 the EGE held its monthly group meeting in Brussels. The group worked on its Opinion 28: Ethics of Security and Surveillance Technologies


 On 18 September 2013 the BEPA Ethics sector and the EGE Secretariat hosted the open Round Table on Ethics of Security Surveillance Technologies in Brussels.

The aim of the round table was that of furthering a transparent dialogue on the topic of the ethics of security and surveillance technologies. Participants came from a broad cross-section of the European society, including the scientific community, industry representatives, policymakers, European Institutions representatives, NGOs, civil society and civil society organizations.

Invited speakers included:



The European Commission International Dialogue in Bioethics (EC IDB) took place in Brussels on 17 September 2013, under the auspices of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council. The topic of the International Dialogue was: 'The ethics of research security and of security research'. The meeting was opened and introduced by Jean-Claude Thébault, Director-General of DG BEPA, Professor David Smith (Irish National Ethics Council), Professor Eugenijus Gefenas (Lithuanian National Ethics Council), Professor Julian Kinderlerer (President of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies), and Jim Dratwa (Head of the Ethics in DG BEPA and Secretary-General of the International Dialogue on Bioethics). Invited participants included the 15 EGE members, the Chairs of the 15 non-EU NECs, the Chairs of the EU 28 NECs and representatives of several international organisations. The non-EU countries participating this year were: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Cameroun, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland.




On 18 September 2013, the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies will be organising an OPEN ROUND TABLE ON THE ETHICS OF SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGIES. If you would like to take part in this event, please fill in this registration form pdf - 240 KB [240 KB]   and have it sent to us, as described. The EGE Secretariat will also offer the possibility of web streaming the Round Table. Please follow this link to the online debate: The live transmission will start approximately 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time. Additionally, the EGE Secretariat welcomes all written contributions on the topic of ethics of security and surveillance, which should be sent via e-mail at by 10 September 2013.  




Invitation to the EUSEW 2013 High Level Policy Conference

 Bridging the gaps in energy related socio-economic research

Wednesday, 26th of June 2013


Committee of the Regions (CoR),
Rue Belliard 99-101, B-1040 Brussels , room JDE 51

The European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) are delighted to invite you to the High-Level Policy Conference of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week on Bridging the gaps in energy related socio-economic research.


More than ever before, multidisciplinary responses are needed to address the crucial societal challenge of energy. This is especially true for energy research and innovation which is often perceived as purely technology-driven, whereas the economic, social and environmental aspects are equally important.

The proposed workshop aims at highlighting the added value of socio-economic research in the process of developing and implementing energy research and energy technology policies by 2020 and beyond while pointing out existing gaps in the respective initiatives.


You will find the draft agenda of the workshop here. pdf - 287 KB [287 KB]


The event is free of charge, but seats are limited! Registration is compulsory on the EUSEW website.



  • On 27 June 2013, the President of the EGE met with Commissioner Oettinger to discuss the EGE Opinion on Energy and the impact of the Opinion.


  • On 18-19 June 2013, the EGE and the EU 27 National Ethics Councils met in Dublin under the auspices of the Irish Presidency of the EU Council. Speakers included: Dr. Johannes Rath (University of Vienna), Prof. Inez de Beaufort (Erasmus University of Rotterdam) and Prof. Wolf-Michael Catenhusen (German Ethics Council). The afternoon session consisted in a joint meeting between the EGE and the Irish National Ethics Council.
  • On 19 June 2013, the EGE held its monthly group meeting, in Dublin.
  • Agenda pdf - 274 KB [274 KB]





  • On the 19-20 March 2013, the EGE held its monthly meeting in Brussels. During the two-day event, a number of guest speakers from different European Commission services presented their inputs on the ethical implications of security and surveillance.


  • Invited speakers included:


    • Christoph Kautz (DG ENTR) on FP7 Security Research & Ethics of Security and Surveillance Technologies


  • Timea Balogh (DG RTD) on FP7 Security Projects 2008-2013
  • Cecilia Verkleij (DG HOME) on the EGE Opinion on Surveillance and Security Technology- scoping and fact-finding session
  • Jean-Pierre Nordvik (JRC) on the Governance of ICT security- a perspective from the Joint Research Centre


  • The Agenda of the EGE meeting can be consulted here pdf - 171 KB [171 KB] .



  • On the 19-20 February 2013, the EGE held its monthly meeting in Brussels. This meeting marked the start of Opinion 28: Ethics of Security and Surveillance Technologies. The EGE Opinion will be used as a reference point to the Commission in promoting a responsible use of security and surveillance technologies and policies. Rapporteurs of the above Opinion will be: Linda Nielsen (Denmark), Siobhan O'Sullivan (Ireland), Inez de Beaufort (The Netherlands).
  • During the two-day event, the EGE also welcomed the following guest speakers:
  • Professor Jonathan Montgomery (Chair of the Nuffield Council) and Dr Peter Mills (Assistant Director) pdf - 489 KB [489 KB]   on The Nuffield Council Report on Emerging Biotechnologies  pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
  •   Dr Anna Lönnroth (DG RTD) on Ethical Safety and Security Considerations around Funding of Gain-of-Function Research in Infectious Diseases
  • The Agenda of the February meeting can be consulted here pdf - 192 KB [192 KB] .



  • On the 15th -16th of January 2013, the EGE held its monthly meeting in Brussels. On January 16, the Group adopted its Opinion No 27: An ethical framework for assessing research, production and use of energy. The Opinion has been transmitted to President Barroso and will be presented at the European Commission Symposium on Nuclear Fission Research for a Low Carbon Economy, taking place between the 26th -27th of February 2013 in Brussels. In its Opinion, the EGE proposed an integrated ethics approach for the research, production and use of energy in the EU seeking for an equilibrium between four criteria - access rights, security of supply, safety, and sustainability - in the light of social, environmental and economic concerns.
  • Agenda pdf - 177 KB [177 KB]
  • Press Release pdf - 493 KB [493 KB]



  • On the 11th- 12th of December 2012, the EGE held its 22nd meeting in Brussels. The Group worked on the finalisation of the Opinion 27.
  • Agenda pdf - 177 KB [177 KB]



  • On the 3rd of October 2012, the European Group on Ethics met the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee in Nicosia for a bilateral meeting. The afternoon session comprised an EGE working group meeting.




  • On the 4th-5th of October 2012, the European Group on Ethics together with the EU NEC Forum, gathering the Chairs of the EU 27 National Ethics Councils, met in Nicosia, Cyprus. The conjoint event was organized by the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA) and the Research Directorate General (RTD), in collaboration with the Cypriote Council Rotation Presidency. The meeting touched upon: the Horizon 2020 Programme, the function of NEC forums as dialogue platforms on science within the EU, the adopted EGE Opinion 26 on Ethics and ICT as well as the forthcoming EGE Opinion 27 on Ethics of the Energy Mix in Europe.
  • The afternoon of the 4th October and the 5th October the EGE hold its working meeting, parallel to the NEC Forum meeting.





  • On the 18th of September 2012, the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies will be organizing an OPEN ROUNDTABLE ON THE ENERGY MIX IN EUROPE. If you would like to take part in this event, please fill in this registration form pdf - 61 KB [61 KB] and have it sent to us, as described.


  • On 16th-17th of July, the EGE Secretariat organized a rapporteurs' meeting in Rome, Italy. The two days event had as a main purpuse the advancement of the Opinion's structure.   


  • On the 19th of June, the fourth meeting of the European Commission International Dialogue on Bioethics (IDB)took place; an event organized by the European Commission under the auspice of the Danish rotation Council Presidency. Invited participants included members of the EGE, the Chairs of 15 non-EU NECs, and the Chairs of the EU 27 NECs and representatives of international organisations. The non-European countries represented this year included: Argentina, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, Russia, South Africa, and COPAB (Pan-African Bioethics Congress). Representatives of the bioethics sector within UNESCO, WHO, and COHRED also held a speech. Prof. Anne Glover (Chief Scientific Adviser of the President of the European Commission)Ms Britta Thomsen (Honourable Member of the European Parliament), Dr. Ritva Halila (University of Helsinki) delivered a keynote speech together with Dr Holst (Director Chief of Bioethics at Novo Nordisk). The President of the EGE- Prof. Julian Kinderlerer, the President of the Danish NEC- Prof. Jakob Birkler, the Vice-President of the EGE- Prof. Linda Nielsen  and CY Council Rotation Presidency representative- Dr. Michael Voniatis chaired the IDB Sessions.The topic discussed this year was 'The Governance of Large Research and Medical Databases in Clinical and Research Multi-Centre Trials', as proposed by the Chief Scientific Adviser - Prof. Anne Glover.  






  • On 20th-21st of March, the EGE Group started working on its new Opinion on Ethics of Energy, requested by President Barroso on 19th December 2011. The Opinion will contribute to the debate on a sustainable energy mix in Europe by studying the ethical impact of research on different energy sources on human well being. During the March meeting, the EGE met a number of keynote speakers. The EGE also had a meeting with Vice-President Kroes in order to discuss the content of its Opinion 26: Ethics of Information and Communication Technologies. Vice-President Kroes welcomed the EGE Opinion and underlined that the Commission will now take inspiration from the proposed recommendations to further foster societal and ethical considerations in the construction of the European Digital Society.  


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