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Say no to fakes, go for the original


Say no to fakes, go for the original

Fake products pretend to be something that they are not, whether by imitating a legitimate product or by falsely claiming to meet legal requirements. They are NOT a cheap and painless alternative.

EU citizens have a lot to lose from buying them. It is first an ethical issue. A major beneficiary of this illegal business is organised crime. Worldwide, organised crime is heavily involved in distributing fake goods: for them it’s a real growth opportunity. These goods can also pose serious risks to safety and health. Why would crooks care about your safety? Citizens also lose as consumers.

What looks like a bargain often turns out to be a waste of money, as fake products are essentially not made to the same quality standards. And they lose as producers whether as workers or entrepreneurs: dealers in imitations harm the European economy as they damage legitimate business and starve innovation. And fake goods compete unfairly with genuine products, putting many jobs at risk in Europe. Finally, we all lose as taxpayers.

Illegal operators and traders don’t pay taxes, so you pay more to make up for the loss. Against this menace, there is only one thing to do. Say no to fake goods. Go for the original.

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