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Translating for Europe


Translating for Europe

In our daily life, more than ever, we need languages – for travelling, for studying abroad, for business and for work. At the European level, with 28 Member States and 24 official languages, translation is a real issue and plays a key role in the functioning of the institutions.

What is the reality of providing translations from and into 24 different languages? Come to visit the stand of the Directorate-General for Translation in the Berlaymont and learn about the diversity and challenges of the work of one of the biggest translation services in the world. Professional translators of the European Commission, from different Members States, will talk about their daily work and their role in making multilingual communication a reality. 

If you are interested in a stimulating career where you can use your linguistic talents, pay a visit to our stand and find out about professional perspectives in the field of translation in our service.

Get a taste of multilingualism with our Wall of Languages, which will be a live register of the language diversity of our visitors. Once again, visitors are invited to leave a quotation, a thought or a comment at our Wall of Languages about languages and/or the meaning of translation!


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