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Be a climate hero!


Be a climate hero!

Want to find out how you can live more healthily and less expensively while helping the planet? By making smarter choices and rethinking our habits we can all do our bit – and save ourselves money at the same time. Visit DG CLIMA's stand and you will find out more about how you can make a personal contribution to reducing climate change. Our colleagues will tell you about concrete measures being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the effects of a changing climate.

We are already witnessing the consequences of climate change in Europe and worldwide. Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers are melting, sea levels are getting higher, extreme weather events such as floods and droughts are becoming more common.

The EU is at the forefront of global efforts to prevent climate change from reaching irreversible proportions. Scientific evidence tells us that an increase of 2°C compared to pre-industrial times is the threshold beyond which dangerous and possibly catastrophic changes in the global environment may occur. For example, a temperature rise of more than 1.5-2.5°C could put as many as 20-30% of plant and animal species at increased risk of extinction. For this reason the international community has recognised the need to keep warming below 2°C.

Many technologies and goods, as well as information on necessary climate action, already exist to help us reduce our impact on the climate. We, as consumers, have the power to demand better, greener products and services to help us reduce our carbon footprint. Also, by making small changes to our daily habits – from how we travel, to the food we eat and the clothes we wear – we can make a big difference.

If you have recently become interested in the climate issue, come find out more about your carbon footprint.

If you are one of the many Europeans who have already done something to help the climate, take part in our quiz to find out if you are a true climate action hero.



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