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Ref: I-128284
Date: 21/10/2016

Ref: I-128285
Date: 21/10/2016

Ref: I-100544
Date: 19/03/2015
Cérémonie de paraphe d'un accord entre l'UE et la Suisse sur l'échange automatique d'informations de comptes financiers pour améliorer la conformité fiscale internationale: discours
On 19 March 2015, Heinz Zourek, Director-General of the Taxation and Customs Union DG of the EC, Jacques de Watteville, Secretary of State for International Financial Matters attached to the Swiss Federal Department for Finance, and Dominique Paravicini, Ambassador, Deputy Director at the Directorate for European Affairs of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, initialled an ambitious new tax transparency agreement between the EU and Switzerland, marking a major step forward in the fight against tax evasion. Under this new agreement, Member States and Switzerland will automatically exchange information on the full range of financial account information from 2018. This means that EU residents will no longer be able to hide undeclared income in Swiss accounts to evade paying tax. Member States will receive, on an annual basis, the names, addresses, tax identification numbers and dates of birth of their residents with accounts in Switzerland, as well as a broad set of other financial and account balance information. This is fully in line with the new OECD/G20 global standard for the automatic exchange of information. The new EU-Swiss agreement will be signed following authorisation by the Council on one side and the Swiss Government on the other, both of which are expected to be before the summer 2015.

Ref: I-099535
Date: 05/03/2015

Ref: I-099536
Date: 05/03/2015

Ref: I-087681
Date: 24/03/2014

Ref: I-084042
Date: 25/11/2013

Ref: I-084041
Date: 25/11/2013

Ref: I-082819
Date: 23/10/2013

Ref: I-082820
Date: 23/10/2013

13 Résultats
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