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Ref: I-040989
Date: 25/10/2002

Ref: I-057106
Date: 17/04/2008

Ref: I-052634
Date: 08/11/2006

Ref: I-052672
Date: 08/11/2006

Ref: I-046186
Date: 21/07/2004

Ref: I-045943
Date: 18/06/2004

Ref: I-045942
Date: 17/06/2004

Ref: I-045767
Date: 21/05/2004

Ref: I-045378
Date: 31/03/2004

Ref: I-044778
Date: 14/01/2004
Déclaration de Bertie Ahern, Premier ministre irlandais et président en exercice du Conseil sur le programme de la présidence, session plénière du PE
Bertie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister and President in office of the Council, outlined the programme of the Irish Presidency. "Europeans - Working Together", that is the theme of the Irish Presidency and this is reflected in the Work Programme for the Irish Presidency. The Irish Presidency will see the historic enlargement of the European Union to include ten new Member States on 1 May 2004. This event marks an ending of the post-war division of Europe and it is important that this opportunity is taken to bring all Europeans together to build a better Europe for us all. The Irish Presidency Programme has been drawn up in the context of the Multi-Annual Strategic Programme for 2004-2006 and the Operational Programme for the Council for 2004 which has been drawn up by the Irish and Dutch Presidencies. It identifies four priority objectives: a successful enlargement of the EU to include 10 new Member States; working together for economic growth, with emphasis on pursuing the Lisbon Strategy to make Europe the most competitive economy in the world; a safer Union, by developing the Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice; global engagement with the outside world. The EU will work towards the promotion of a fairer, peaceful and more secure world. Ireland holds the Presidency of the Council for the first six months of this year before handing over to the Netherlands for the second half. It will engage on a period of reflection with regard to the draft Constitution in an attempt to see how agreement can be reached among the soon to be 25 Member States.

150 Résultats
 1  sur  15 

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