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Ref: I-064356
Date: 01/12/2009

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Date: 27/11/2009

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Date: 23/11/2009

Ref: I-064134
Date: 21/11/2009

Ref: I-064074
Date: 19/11/2009

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Date: 17/11/2009

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Date: 17/11/2009

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Date: 13/11/2009

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Date: 13/11/2009

Ref: I-063465
Date: 10/11/2009
Tajikistan: Helping the poor tackle climate change (short version)
Tajikistan, one of the 20 poorest countries in the world, is facing climate change chaos. Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting and the weather is becoming more extreme, causing floods, pollution, disease and landslides. According to the state agency of hydrometeorology, nearly a third of Tajik glaciers are melting, with some retreating by 20 metres a year as a result of climate change.This is not just a problem for Tajikistan as its glaciers provide most of the water for the entire region, prompting fears of future water wars. Climate change is also bringing extremes of weather. After four years of drought led to water and power shortages, this year torrential rains brought widespread flooding and water and mudslides.The video looks at how climate change is wreaking havoc on central Asia’s poorest country, where temperatures have risen by one and a half degrees in the past decade. The video illustrates the problem, with aerial footage of the country’s fastest retreating glacier in the Zerafashan valley in northern Tajikistan – one of the remotest places on earth. It includes an interview with Tajikistan’s leading glacier expert whose report on the impact of climate change on Tajik glaciers is about to be published as well as with communities in the valley suffering from the extreme weather associated with climate change. With climate change increasing the risk of disease and disaster, the European Union is redoubling its efforts to bring clean water to these vulnerable communities.

21108 Results
 1  of  2111 

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