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Ref: I-036341
Date: 15/07/1996
General Affairs Council, 1943rd meeting: extracts from the press conference by Theodoros Pangalos, Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the MEDA regulation
On 15 and 16 July 1996, EU Ministers for Foreign Affairs gathered in Brussels. The Council reached agreement on the Regulation on financial and technical measures to accompany the reform and economic and social structures in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (MEDA) and to mitigate any social or environmental consequences which might result from economic development. The Regulation will open the way for the practical implementation of financial cooperation with the Mediterranean Partner countries and territories : Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the Occupied Territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Its purpose is to contribute to initiatives of joint interest in the three sectors of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership: the reinforcement of political stability and of democracy, the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean free-trade area, and the development of economic and social cooperation. The beneficiaries of support measures may include not only States and regions but also local authorities, regional organizations, public agencies, local or traditional communities, organizations supporting business, private operators, cooperatives, mutual societies, associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations. Following the meeting of the Council, Theodoros Pangalos, Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a press conference. He commented the decision taken by the Council and relations with Turkey. He added however that the EC/Turkey Association Council was a different matter and should be discussed separately.

Ref: I-035504
Date: 13/05/1996

Ref: I-002950
Date: 19/05/1994

Ref: I-034118
Date: 21/02/1996

Ref: I-034115
Date: 21/02/1996

Ref: I-002743
Date: 31/01/1994

Ref: I-035507
Date: 14/05/1996

Ref: I-035509
Date: 14/05/1996
EU/Cyprus Association Council, 17th meeting: arrivals and round table
On 14 May 1996, the EU/Cyprus Association Council held its 17th meeting, in Brussels. The meeting was chaired by Alecos Michaelides, Cypriot Minister for Foreign Affairs. It was attended by Susanna Agnelli, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and President in office of the Council. The European Commission was represented Hans van den Broek, Member of the EC in charge of External Relations with the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and other European Countries, Common Foreign and Security Policy and Human Rights (in agreement with the President) and External Missions. The discussions focused mainly on the prospects for the accession of Cyprus to the European Union and the development of political, economic and financial relations between the two sides. Alecos Michaelides reaffirmed that accession was one of Cyprus' priorities. He referred to the progress made in the political dialogue andstructured dialogue since the last meeting and welcomed the fact that his country was takingpart in certain Community programmes. He also stressed the need to put an end to the division ofhis country and appealed to the European Union to help in finding a solution. Hans can den Broeksaid that under the pre-accession strategy and the fourth financial Protocol, priority was beinggiven to the legislative preparations for accession, industrial development and campaigns toinform public opinion. Stressing that the accession procedure would be facilitated by a politicalsolution between the two Cypriot communities, he asked them to resume the dialogue soon andconfirmed the European Union's support for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus questionin accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, based on the concept of a bi-communaland bi-zonal Cypriot Federation.

Ref: I-000973
Date: 20/02/1984

Ref: I-070879
Date: 21/09/2011

80 Results
 1  of  8 

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