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Ref: I-071761
Date: 01/12/2011

Ref: I-068045
Date: 18/11/2010

Ref: I-066667
Date: 06/07/2010
Extracts from the EC midday press briefing by Helen Kearns, spokesperson of Siim Kallas, on the updated list of airlines banned from European airspace
On 06/07/2010 in Brussels, Helen Kearns, spokesperson of Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, gave the updated list of airlines banned from European airspace, during the EC midday press briefing.Indeed, the European Commission had updated the list of airlines banned in the European Union, to include one carrier from Surinam, and to expand the operating restrictions on Iran Air. In addition, two carriers from Indonesia have been removed from the list of banned airlines.With this fourteenth update, the carrier Blue Wing Airlines from Surinam was included in the list of banned airlines, following measures taken by a Member State as a consequence of a series of accidents suffered by this airline, and serious deficiencies revealed during ramp inspections of its aircraft.The Commission will continue to closely monitor the performance of the airline through the results of ramp checks of its aircraft which can operate in the EU, and will intensify its consultations with the civil aviation organisation of Iran, to find sustainable solutions to the identified safety problems, where practicable through technical assistance.With this update, the Commission had also recognised the improvements in the oversight exercised by the competent authorities of Indonesia. These improvements allowed the Air Safety Committee to support the removal from the list of two Indonesian air carriers: Metro Batavia and Indonesia Air Asia.

Ref: I-065582
Date: 19/04/2010

Ref: I-065583
Date: 19/04/2010

Ref: I-065602
Date: 19/04/2010

Ref: I-045440
Date: 15/04/2004

Ref: I-092536
Date: 18/09/2014

Ref: I-092392
Date: 11/09/2014

Ref: I-092391
Date: 11/09/2014

702 Results
 1  of  71 

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