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On 12 September 2018, on the occasion of his State of the Union Address, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EC, proposed a new 'Africa – Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs' to focus investment where it matters most: in skills and job creation. To achieve this, a more effective governance model and greater collaboration between multilateral and national development actors in Europe is needed. The European Commission is thus today setting out a number of ways to address the investment challenges and opportunities in Africa, the EU's Neighbourhood and the wider world. These include calls for joint initiatives between multilateral and national development actors and a reinforced European financial architecture able to meet the ambition of the newly proposed Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument.On this occasion, Jean-Claude Juncker's address was also followed by speeches and discussions with Members of the European Parliament.This video shows extracts from the answers to MEPs.

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00:00:05 SOUNDBITE by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EC, (in FRENCH) saying that he will briefly answer the questions put to him ; he agrees to improve children's rights and social rights, he pleads for the Gothenburg Declaration to be translated into legislation ; the European Commission has adopted a text protecting European electorate, candidates and political parties ; patriotism must not include a rejection of the other, that it does not want this world but a world where we live together (19 shots) 00:02:43
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