Justice and Home Affairs Council:- extracts from the press conference by the Greek Presidency and the European Commission

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00:00:13 Soundbite (In GREEK) by Charalampos Athanasiou, Greek Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and President in office of the Council: The council achieved a partial general approach on the regulation on the protection of individuals with regards to processing of personal data. We focused on the scope on corporate binding rules, transferred data into national organizations and third countries. 00:00:30
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00:00:46 Soundbite (In GREEK) by Charalampos Athanasiou: We also achieved a partial general approach on the proposal for regulation amending regulation 1346 of 2000 on insolvency proceedings and I would like to thank all the member states for their cooperation; we have put a lot of efforts into this legislative proposal which was also one of the basic priorities of the Hellenic presidency especially at a time of economic crisis. These new rules will facilitate the survival of companies at the facing of financial problems. 00:00:38
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00:01:28 Soundbite (In ENGLISH) by Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship: On data protection we have clearly moved from dormant to dynamic negotiations and it his is a very constructive spirit of the President of the Council and his collaborators which have led us to agree today on 2 very important pillars of the data protection reform. 00:00:27
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00:01:59 Soundbite (In ENGLISH) by Viviane Reding: A country has to be adequate in terms of data protection, there has to be appropriate safeguards including for example binding corporate rules approved by data protection authorities and in clearly define specific situations, there can be exceptions for example for tax and competition investigations. Now, these 3 roads will lead the way to secure data transfers and in light of all the surveillance revelations this is an important signal. 00:00:39
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00:02:42 Soundbite (In ENGLISH) by Viviane Reding: Data protection law will apply to non-European companies if they do business on our territory, on our European single market. You might think this is self-evident, I also thought so but it seems it is not, it was one of the most contentious points in my proposal. 00:00:27
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00:03:12 Soundbite (In ENGLISH) by Viviane Reding: In all our actions we have to put the interest of the child first and I really do hope that in the negotiations to come now between the Council and the European Parliament this "put the interest of the child first" principle will not be forgotten. 00:00:24
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