Debate on the Future of Europe, in London: vox pops

Type: Report   Référence: I086196   Durée: 03:16  Lieu: London
On 10 February 2014, Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, participated in the 44th Citizens' Dialogue which took place in London, United Kingdom. On this occasion, she debated with around 400 citizens and gave a strong message about the UK's place in Europe. This video shows vox pops.

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00:00:05 Soundbite by Jonas Schoenefeld, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): I'm hoping to get a lot of lively debate on European issues. I think that particularly in this country, the European Union gets a lot of press that may not always be so positive, but I think that personally from what I've seen, there's a lot of positive stuff the European Union can do for us. 00:00:16
00:00:21 Soundbite by Marie Proffit, European citizen, in ENGLISH): Today I came to learn a bit more and to discuss about the next election and particularly about how we can empower young women in the future of the European Union and how we can give them some more opportunities. 00:00:16
00:00:37 Soundbite by Alan Gelfer, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): I am looking forward to an opportunity to express my views direct to a Commissionner and I hope that as a result of this meeting, the people who represent the Commission will have a good cross-section of views from the public in the United Kingdom. 00:00:19
00:00:56 Soundbite by Georgiana Turculet, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): Democratically closer because there isa orrespondance between what people think and how they are represented, but closer emotionally? I have some doubts there. 00:00:12
00:01:08 Soundbite by Jonas Schoenefeld (in ENGLISH): I think it is very important that the European Union gets some sort of face in terms of politicians and real people talking. Because a lot of people think that these are bureaucrats somewhere in Brussels deciding over our heads. If people can get a sense that these are real people you can talk to and ask questions to, that is good. 00:00:20
00:01:28 Soundbite by Alan Gelfer (in ENGLISH): As always, I wonder if the audience is representative of Britain, because a lot of people are not going to come to events like this unless they are already especially interested in the European Union. 00:00:14
00:01:41 Soundbite by Georgiana Turculet (in ENGLISH): How the UK deals with migration policies and how the European Union sees this. 00:00:06
00:01:48 Soundbite by Jonas Schoenefeld (in ENGLISH): What I am most interested in is how can we get young people excited about the European Union and what kind of issues do these politicians think young people can connect to at the European level. 00:00:11
00:01:59 Soundbite by Alan Gelfer (in ENGLISH): My special interest is how the EU could be reformed to be a better set of institutions because from the British perspective, it started off as a common market, it developed into an economic community: it is now an European Union; and a lot of people in Britain don't want a political union. 00:00:21
00:02:21 Soundbite by Henky Stanlord, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): I thought it was a very interesting event today. Very interesting to hear the different perspectives, the European perspective, the British government's perspective. 00:00:09
00:02:30 Soundbite by Clara Mellish, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): People who come to this event are already interested in Europe, so I am not sure if it is an objective fair view of British people's opinion of the European Union really. 00:00:11
00:02:41 Soundbite by Henky Stanlord (in ENGLISH): I think they are excellent, I think it is very important there are more of these. I was particularly taken by the idea that was raised today that Viviane Reding mentioned - I think in Finland - where they have these open forum every year about what the country should do in the EU. I thought that was a really interesting idea. 00:00:15
00:02:55 Soundbite by Stephen Wolstenhome, European citizen, (in ENGLISH): If you can bring a certain amount of people very close with commissioners and MPs, that's always going to be a good thing, so that people feel their voices heard. 00:00:12
00:03:08 Soundbite by Clara Mellish (in ENGLISH): I still have some questions but I was particularly interested in women's role and how the European Union can help, so that was useful. 00:00:09
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