Extracts from the joint press conference by Maria Damanaki and Günther Oettinger, on a new action plan to facilitate the development of renewable ocean energy in Europe

Type: Press conference - summary   Référence: I085562   Durée: 03:08  Lieu: Brussels - EC/Berlaymont
On 20 January 2014, Maria Damanaki, Member of the EC in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, presented a new action plan to facilitate the further development of the renewable ocean energy sector in Europe. A central element in this action plan will be to establish an Ocean Energy Forum, bringing together stakeholders to build capacity and foster cooperation. The action plan should help drive forward this nascent 'blue energy' sector towards full industrialisation. Ocean energy covers all technologies to harvest the renewable energy of our seas and oceans other than offshore wind. Its exploitation would contribute to the decarbonisation of the EU's economy and provide secure and reliable renewable energy to Europe.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Exterior view of the Berlaymont building in Brussels 00:00:06
00:00:11 Joint arrival of Maria Damanaki, Member of the EC in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and Günther Oettinger, Member of the EC in charge of Energy, at the press conference 00:00:05
00:00:16 Soundbite by Maria Damanaki (in ENGLISH): Today's Communication recognises the potential of ocean energy and outlines a plan of action which can help the sector develop and meet our long term needs. 00:00:12
00:00:28 Cutaway of a photographer 00:00:05
00:00:33 Soundbite by Maria Damanaki (in ENGLISH): We have conservative estimates that show that until 2035 we can have 40,000 additional high quality jobs in this sector. And the promise for more growth and jobs is the reason, we have included ocean energy in our five priorities referring to Blue Growth. 00:00:23
00:00:57 Cutaway of the audience 00:00:06
00:01:03 Soundbite by Maria Damanaki (in ENGLISH): We can deliver energy through ocean in a more reliable and constant basis. So we can increase the security of our energy supply. What we are proposing today with our communication is that we want to build an Ocean Energy Forum. In this forum everybody is going to participate: Industry, Financers, Governments and Organisations. We would like to handle, to face the main problems we have already identified as bottleneck for the growth of this sector. 00:00:42
00:01:44 Cutaway of the audience 00:00:05
00:01:50 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that if necessary developing technologies which could help export their European industry, here talking about measures for jobs creation, industrial policy, […] and security of energy supply. 00:00:17
00:02:07 Cutaway of the Speakers 00:00:05
00:02:13 Soundbite by Günther Oettinger (in GERMAN) saying that with their programme "Projects of common interest", with their financing mean "Connecting Europe's Facility", and with their border crossing Pan-European electricity grid which strengthen relationships, they will successfully put in place a structure for electricity supply generated by wind but also for electricity produced through wave power, which means that the integration of the potential offered by ocean energy in their plan for an European electricity grid is an economic event to not cause further expenses but create the successful infrastructure for the production of electricity through this new kind of energy source. 00:00:50
00:03:02 General view of the press conference 00:00:06
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