EU-Georgia Cooperation Council: extracts from the press conference by Vytautas LEŠKEVIČIUS, Lithuanian Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, and Maia PANJIKIDZE, Georgian Minister for Foreign Affairs

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Relations between the EU and Georgia started in 1992. Bilateral relations have further intensified since the 2003 rose revolution which brought to power a new Georgian administration committed to an ambitious programme of political and economic reforms.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Arrival of the speakers 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Linas Antanas Linkevičius: Today we reflected on the progress we have made ahead to the future of this very broad and deep relation. We discussed different aspects of our engagement. Progress since our last meeting has been significant. We have concluded negotiations in the association agreement, including a deeper and comprehensive free trade area which we initiated at the Vilnius summit. 00:00:35
00:00:45 General view of the speakers 00:00:05
00:00:50 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Linas Antanas Linkevičius: Today we have signed a framework agreement for Georgia's participation in EU programs, year after Georgia's landmark, parliamentary elections which saw the regions first democratic transfer of power we saw another landmark election for the new Georgian president and we congratulated Georgia in this demonstration of democratic credentials 00:00:28
00:01:18 General view of the speakers 00:00:03
00:01:21 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH) by Maia Panjikidze, Georgian Minister for Foreign Affairs : It is remarkable that the cooperation Council followed the historic Eastern partnership in Vilnius, a milestone in the EU-Georgia relations which firmly encourage my country to the EU integration path. Today we had the opportunity to record those positive achievements that we have delivered at the summit. Our main message to the EU is that Georgia irreversibly follows its EU integration course which is a national idea supported by the Georgian people and all major political parties. 00:00:44
00:02:05 SOUNDBITE (in ENLGISH) by Maia Panjikidze: On visa dialogue, we welcome Commission's very positive assessment on Georgia's process in the implementation of the visa liberalisation action plan. The enhance mobility between the EU and Georgia is essential for strengthening ties between the societies and extension of business contacts. 00:00:21
00:02:26 Departure 00:00:06
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