Statement by José Manuel Barroso, on Ukraine

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On 2 December 2013, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, made a press statement about Ukraine.Tensions had been building is Ukraine since its President refused to sign a free trade and political integration agreement with the EU. The Association Agreement was due to be signed at the Vilnius Summit on 29 November 2013.On 2 December, José Manuel Barroso had a phone conversation with Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine. During the call, he made the following points regarding the tense situation in the country: all sides should show restraint; all civil rights and liberties should be respected; the use of force by the police should be investigated as soon as possible; it is important that the Ukrainian authorities urgently engage with all relevant political forces; a peaceful and political solution is the only way for Ukraine out of the current situation. José Manuel Barroso also underlined that the European Commission stood ready to discuss aspects of implementation related to the agreements already initialled, but not to re-open any kind of negotiations.

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00:00:05 SOUNDBITE by José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, (in ENGLISH):We already said very clearly that the Ukrainian authorities should respect democratic freedoms and the right of people to demonstrate. At the same time, we have made an appeal to demonstrators to show restraint. And of course this comes as a result of the fact that many Ukrainians see their future in Europe and they are disappointed with the results of the Vilnius Summit. But we hope that the dialogue will continue, that calm will be respected, so that we can address these issues in a spirit that is good for Ukraine, for the citizens of Ukraine and for all of us in Europe. 00:00:45
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