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Statement by Connie Hedegaard

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00:00:05 Statement by Connie Hedegaard (in English): "Friday afternoon at a COP, I am always very happy that I am not a journalist anymore, because everything looks like complete confusion and mess. And of course many things are going on, but I would like to say that when you look at the talks up in the ADP, I hear a lot of constructive forces. In the EU, we have been pushing for a good path way to Paris, I must say that we have really many other strong forces saying this load and clear. Countries from Africa, from South America, from lot of African countries, really many are sort of joining this push and I think that it is a very good and encouraging sign that among these forces, we now also have the United States. Also saying that they are ready to come forward with things in good time before Paris 2015, that we can have a time where we can consult each other, where we know the intended pledges, so that we can study and consider : will this bring us to where the world needs to go? That is encouraging. By that I have also said there is still a group of like-minded who thinks differently, who tries to reinstall the firewall. You ll understand that that is not acceptable to the European Union. But I also think to really many others because they know that only if all of us do our outmost in the years after 2020, we will get what we really need. So many good things going on, also lot of confusion, things that nobody knows where this lands, that is not normal, it is very normal for a COP at this stage. 00:01:50
00:01:55 "You know the different positions as well as I do what they have said publicly, I can only say this is not the time to go backward, we should instead find out how should the new system, what should that look like. I think the encouraging sign is that new countries are sort of joining the push for this, of course including a big economy like the United States, that is not a small thing, it is actually a something to build on and I think that many should sort of really consider now is that not what we really need to be the signal coming out of Warsaw. 00:00:40
00:02:35 "Well, it is in the sense that it says well in advance, but of course that is open for interpretation, what does it mean but the text has something about some indicators having to be sort of formulated. There is means something whether we will have a rule space system and that is one of the areas we are fighting for right now, and the other thing is it will be so much well in advance that there will be time to have an overall view and discuss it among each other. So you can call it assessment or something else, but that is where the game is right now. 00:00:46
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