Maria DAMANAKI, Member of the EC in charge of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, hosts the Fishlove Rouvre exhibition

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Commissioner Damanaki has opened the Fishlove exhibition on Monday 21st of October in Brussels, in the presence of Greta Scacchi, Nicholas Röhl and Denis Rouvre. "Fishlove" is an on-going photographic project that invites global celebrities to raise awareness on how much unsustainable fishing practices are destroying the marine environment. The special exhibition will unveil the new series of Fishlove photography by Denis Rouvre, the famous photographer. This new series will feature familiar faces of the world of entertainment such as Sir Ben Kinglsey (on the picture), Greta Scacchi, Lizzy Jagger, Jean-Marc Barr, Mélanie Laurent, Mélanie Bernier, Kenzo and Serge Hazanavicius among others.

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00:00:25 SOUNDBITE by Maria Damanaki, Member of the EC in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (In ENGLISH) saying that: 'Fish Love' is a campaign with a message which is in the bottom of my heart and this message is: 'Stop overfishing'. This is exactly the message that we had in mind when promoting our new fisheries policy trough the reform we had last year and I hope that from this year, from the 1st of January of next year, the new fisheries policy will be there. 00:00:33
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00:01:08 SOUNDBITE by Maria Damanaki (In ENGLISH) saying that: I think this is very important because it is the only way to be sure that our children can also eat fish, not see fish only in pictures but have fish in their place; it is also about our fishermen because if we fish in a responsible and sustainable way they will also receive more income and there is going to be more growth and jobs in this sector; they can fish not only this year but next year and for many decades. 00:00:33
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00:01:49 SOUNDBITE by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of MOSHIMO (In ENGLISH) saying that: At that time in 2009, Scientists were warning that fish stocks would collapse within a generation. I have small kids here with me today and the idea that they would grow up in a world where basically there would be no more fish in the sea to eat. We came up with a very simple idea, to have a famous person naked holding a fish; the nudity which was somehow controversial was very important; Maria mentioned the fact that we are inseparable, we are 2 species that need to come together. 00:00:39
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00:02:46 SOUNDBITE by Emmanuel De Brante, French columnist (In ENGLISH) saying that: It is very important to slow the subsidies that re being given to overfishing throughout seas of the world and it is very important for governments to take very brave measures in stopping overfishing in the world and therefore for citizens of the world to make pressure on these governments so that these policies are enacted. 00:00:28
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00:03:20 SOUNDBITE by Greta Scacchi, Italian actress (In ENGLISH) saying that: Are we going to let the industry dictate? Because fishermen are having more difficulties now bringing the same quantity of fish so they want to have better technology, they to have more boats, they want to have more subsidies so that they can go further and pillage the last of what is left. This is not going to sustain the population of fish for the future; we are going to need to establish sanctuaries, no-take zones; the fishermen will still be able to fish in other areas but the population of fish will have a chance to regenerate. 00:00:45
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