Extracts from the press conference by Maria Damanaki, on marine protected areas in the Antarctic

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On 16 October 2013, Maria Damanaki, Member of the EC in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, made a statement during a press conference on joint EU/US push for enhanced protection of waters around Antarctica. The EU, together with the US and other partners want to see the vulnerable waters around Antarctica better protected - in recognition of their global ecological and scientific importance. In a joint declaration the EU, US, France, Australia and New Zealand call for the adoption of proposed marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, in the Ross Sea Region and in East Antarctica at the next meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, CCAMLAR, in Australia later in October 2013.

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00:00:17 Soundbite by Maria Damanaki, Member of the EC in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (in ENGLISH): So, we are going to take a joint initiative, all of us, in order to persuade all the Member States of this Commission to go for two more marine protected areas there. And the establishment of such marine protected areas, as you know perhaps, is fully in line with the vision expressed by the world community at the RIO+20 conference. If everything goes as planned, at next week's meeting, in Hobart, Australia, the United States and New Zealand will put together a proposal in the Ross Sea in order to have a marine protected area there. And EU together with France and Australia will have a proposal for the East Antarctica. 00:00:57
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