Participation of Viviane Reding in the debate on the Future of Europe, in Stockholm: press conference

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End production: 15/10/2013   First transmission: 15/10/2013
While the debate on the future of Europe and the impact of the economic crisis grows in strength, the European Commission is to meet people in different European cities, to hear their concerns and expectations for the future. Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, travelled to Stockholm on 15 October 2013, to participate in the one of the meetings with the citizens of the whole European Union (the Citizens' Dialogues). The debate focused on citizens' rights, the European economic crisis and the future of the European Union.

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13:03:26 Soundbite by Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship (in ENGLISH) saying that Europe is a combination of participation of all citizens and trying to reach Excellency and that is why they have invested so much into research also in crisis times; talking about her first Citizen's Dialogue which took place in South of Spain; On the question of Banking Union; Saying that the good news is that the Member States have just now agreed on the supervisory mechanism; Saying that another big pillar of this debate was about the citizens and their common rights. 00:06:09
13:09:35 Questions/answers session 00:22:10
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