Foreign Affairs Council (Trade): extracts from the press conference by the Lithuanian Presidency and the European Commission

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On 18 October, Linas Linkevicius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and Karel De Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade, held the press conference of the Foreign Affairs Council on Trade. The Council today adopted an updated mandate allowing the Commission to open negotiations on investment protection provisions with countries of the ASEAN as part of on-going free trade negotiations. The mandate is composed of a Council decision modifying the negotiating directives for free trade agreements (FTAs) with ASEAN countries in order to extend the scope of the agreements to include investment protection; a decision of the EU member states authorising the Commission to negotiate, on their behalf, those investment protection provisions that fall within their competences; and directives for the negotiation of investment protection provisions. The Council today adopted a mandate for the Commission to negotiate on behalf of the EU an investment agreement with China. The mandate is composed of a decision of the Council and a decision of the representatives of the member states authorising the opening of negotiations, as well as directives for the negotiation of the agreement. The directives foresee an agreement that would deal both with investment protection and with improved access to the market for investors from the EU and China.

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00:00:14 SOUNDBITE (in English) Linas Linkevicius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania: I am happy to announce that we manage to approve negotiated directives for investment's agreements with both, China and Ocean Region. Mandate on China paves the way for launching investment negotiations shortly During the upcoming EU-China Summit on 21 to 22 November, it is the opportunity to deepen and enhance our investment relations and surely challenges ahead of us, but successful conclusions of such agreement with China should boost investments flows by creating legal certainty and new market opportunity for the EU investors. That mandate with the Ocean Region will also allow the Commission to open negotiations on investments protection with countries. So important for the EU business, countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. EU-Canada deal is other good news received by trade ministers today. And I am very happy that after more that 4 years of very intensive, a deal was finally achieved. 00:01:04
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00:01:31 SOUNDBITE (in English) Karel De Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade: Let me also say a word on China. We have a mandate to start negotiation on investment agreement. It is very important there is to say that this will not be an agreement on investment protection only. For us, it is a condition, very clear in the mandate that the agreement should be also about market access. That will be the big discussion. The Chinese have agreed in principles to have a dialogue but that don't mean that we already have an agreement. But it is only on that condition that it makes sense for us. Only if it is about: investment protection and market access. 00:00:55
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00:02:42 SOUNDBITE (in French) Karel De Gucht: Regarding Russia, regarding measure taken in Lithuania, on the 18 of October, so today, there is the good Council meeting market in Geneva. This issue will be raise at this meeting. If nothing changes, we are taking the matter in front of the WTO. 00:00:43
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