Eastern Partnership Home Affairs Ministers meeting: Extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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On the 08th of October, EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers will meet with their Eastern Partnership counterparts (from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) to discuss cooperation and future prospects in this field. Moreover, home affairs ministers are expected to reach a political agreement on provisional arrangements to host the European Police College (CEPOL) seat in another member state after the United Kingdom indicated it no longer wants to host it on its territory. The Council is also expected to take note of the interim report from the Commission on the main findings of the analysis of information provided by member states on issues related to free movement of citizens. As regards the Syria conflict and the protection of refugees, the Council will be informed about the latest developments, in particular about the situation of the Syrian refugees and the impact of the migratory pressures on neighbouring countries and on the European Union. Ministers are also expected to discuss the tragedy at sea near the Italian island of Lampedusa where more than 100 African migrants are confirmed to have drowned.

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00:00:11 SOUNDBITE by Alfonsas Barakauskas, Lithuanian Minister of the Interior and President ion office of the Council (In ENGLISH) saying that: we have witnessed the tragedy of Lampedusa, on behalf of the presidency I express my condolences because of deaths. My colleagues have already said that we have to make sure that such tragedies are not repeated. We are also very concerned about Syria as a human tragedy, we will discuss how we can better help and we are looking forward to the Commission presenting its regional assistance programme. 00:00:56
00:01:07 Ivo Opstelten, Dutch Minister of Security and Justice 00:00:09
00:01:16 Arrival and SOUNDBITE by Cecilia Malmström, Member of the EC in charge of Home Affairs (In FRENCH) saying that: We are going to discuss the topic of Lampedusa, the ministers will tell me their immediate needs. I am going to propose to the Member States to organise a big Frontex operation covering the whole Mediterranean, from Cyprus to Spain, for a big save & rescue operation in the Mediterranean, and I am going to ask for the necessary support and resources to do that. 00:00:36
00:01:52 Monika Jankovska, Slovakian State Secretary at the Justice Ministry 00:00:06
00:01:58 Päivi Rasanen, Finnish Minister of the Interior 00:00:07
00:02:05 SOUNDBITE by Hans-Peter Friedrich, German Federal Minister for the Interior (In GERMAN) saying that: At today's ministerial meeting we will discuss several current topics, of course also the refugee drama in the Mediterranean. I think we were all very shocked and moved by the images, and I think that we as members of the European Union need to deal with the issue and react. Firstly, we need to improve sea salvage, this will be a topic which will be especially discussed at the technical level by Home Affairs ministers. We will shortly introduce Eurosur, a new system which will improve maritime salvage, but we will also need to discuss how we can better the situation in the places of origin of these refugees. 00:00:50
00:02:55 Tzvetlin Yovchev, Bulgarian Minister for the Interior 00:00:07
00:03:02 Rihards Kozlovskis, Latvian Minister for the Interior 00:00:08
00:03:10 Ranko Ostojić, Croatian Minister for the Interior 00:00:07
00:03:17 Jacek Cichocki, Polish Minister of Internal Affairs 00:00:08
00:03:25 Arrival and SOUNDBITE by Tobias Billström, Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy (In ENGLISH) saying that: This is an important meeting, lives has been lost in the Mediterranean and also Syria. This is time to show solidarity and but I think that it is necessary to understand that we have a major outflow of people from SYria, so far this year 10000 people, we have in my country, and Germany and Sweden together take two third of the people from Syria, we need to show solidarity and this is the moment to show at the European assylum system can work in practice and I urge all Member States to help the UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees in that mission, so give people shelter and protection. 00:00:49
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