Justice and Home Affairs Council: Extracts from the press conference by the Lithuanian Presidency and the European Commission

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On Monday, the 7th of October, Justice ministers have discussed key issues concerning the regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (general data protection regulation) (5853/12). The regulation updates and strengthens the 1995 Data Protection Directive in order to take into account technological developments and globalisation. Furthermore, ministers will try to reach a general approach regarding the proposal for a directive on the protection of the Euro and other currencies against counterfeiting by criminal law (6152/13) which was presented by the Commission in February 2013 and will replace Framework Decision 2000/383/JHA. The directive aims at establishing minimum rules concerning the definition of criminal offences and sanctions in this area of counterfeiting of the Euro and other currencies. It also introduces common provisions to strengthen the fight against those offences and to improve their investigation. Also in the context of the protection of the Union’s financial interests, ministers have had a policy debate on two proposals for regulations which will be presented by the Commission: - on the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) (12554/13) - on the reform of the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation(Eurojust) (12551/13) In the margins of the Council, Monday afternoon, EU Justice ministers have met with their Eastern Partnership counterparts (from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) to discuss cooperation and future prospects in this field.

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00:00:08 SOUNDBITE by Juozas Bernatonis, Lithuanian Minister for Justice and President in office of the Council (In ENGLISH) saying that: First of all I want to rejoice over the fact that today, during the Council, the Justice Ministers of all EU member states have adopted a general approach on the protection of the Euro and other currencies against counterfeiting by criminal law. This is a huge achievement to the entire EU; this instrument will provide for a more efficient protection and preventive protection of the Euro and other currencies and it will reinforce the protection of currency already in circulation and the currency before it is even put in circulation by the help of criminal law measures and it will improve the cross border coordination and cooperation between judicial and law enforcement institutions. 00:00:48
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00:00:59 SOUNDBITE by Juozas Bernatonis (In ENGLISH) saying that: We have also talked about the so called "one-stop shop principle" which is one of the most important principles in the proposal on the general data protection regulation. I want to stress that the council has expressed its support for the principle that in important transnational cases the regulation should establish a one-stop shop mechanism in order to arrive at a single supervisory decision in regard to a company established in several member states. 00:00:32
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00:01:35 SOUNDBITE by Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship (In ENGLISH) saying that: There was nearly unanimity one can say, a very important step on procedural rights for citizens all over Europe which will know in future that one day are taken by police, one day are taken in custody, well they do have procedural rights and we need it because if we do have a mutual recognition of what the justice does in one member states, in another member state, then we do also have mutual rights for the individuals who falls under this mutual recognition. 00:00:41
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00:02:19 SOUNDBITE by Viviane Reding (In ENGLISH) saying that: (On currency protection) Our proposal will introduce minimum penalties including imprisonment for the most serious counterfeiting offenses. It will enable the analysis of seized forgeries during the judicial proceedings in order to detect further counterfeit Euros in circulation and it is very clear that if we do not fight collectively to protect our currency, nobody else will do. 00:00:32
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00:02:56 SOUNDBITE by Viviane Reding (In ENGLISH) saying that: I'm also very happy about what has been done on the level of the data protection reform. Almost 2 years ago we put a text on the table, today the text which we discussed receive a very strong endorsement and I'm very glad for this endorsement because that is a political one and it will now be on our technicians to work on this in order to come out with a definitive text. 00:00:42
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00:03:42 SOUNDBITE by Viviane Reding (In ENGLISH) saying that: On the first discussion the ministers had on the proposal which the commission has put on the table before summer, the European prosecutor's office I must say I was astonished to find so many member states who had a very positive approach; of course, this was the first discussion and of course we need to go to the details of this discussion but the positive approach of the majority of member states tells us that the creation of this new institution, and it will be an important new institution to protect the tax payer's money, well that is possible. 00:00:50
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