Presentation of the overhall priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency: extracts from the press conference by Raimundas KAROBLIS, Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the EU

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Lithuania starts its Presidency of the Council of the EU, and the country undertakes the responsible task for the very first time after the EU entry. These historic 6 months of the Presidency in Lithuania and abroad will see numerous events related to the Presidency, as Lithuania becomes the focus of attention for international politicians and officials. The Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU will focus on the three goals of credible, growing and open Europe. The Presidency’s efforts will be directed at further strengthening the ground for financial stability, continuing work to establish the banking union and implementing new agreed rules on economic governance. Further integration of the single market, including energy, the focus on digital agenda and measures for better employment opportunities, in particular for youth, will make the European economic and social model more solid. Lithuania will promote closer integration of the EU and its Eastern Partners, the continuation of the enlargement policy, free trade with strategic partners and effective management of the EU external borders.

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00:00:11 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Raimundas Karoblis, Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the EU Speaking about priorities of Lithuanian Presidency, we will have a continuation of course of a lot of files. First of all, we are going to pry for the MFF and the staff regulation to be approved. If we do not have this agreement the timetable would be very much destroyed and it would create some difficulties. 00:00:51
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00:01:09 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Raimundas Karoblis: Second aspect, we will continue working on the banking union and fiscal discipline. We will start the trialogue meetings on Banking resolution and recovery in the course of the next two weeks. We will also try to advance on tax evasion. Other issue, I would like to mention growth and jobs which will be also one of our main priorities. We will also continue the Single Market Act I. 00:01:08
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00:02:21 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Raimundas Karoblis: We will try to concentrate on digital agenda; we would try to work on the implementation of the arrangements on energy and internal market and also energy package for 2014 and find a solution for the problems of energy for islands by 2015. Quite a lot have been done by the Irish Presidency on jobs issues, we will continue on this but more on implementation. Very important decisions were taken on the European Council regarding for example front loadings, so we will continue working on the implementation aspect. 00:00:54
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