Meeting between José Manuel Barroso, Martin Schulz and Enda Kenny on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF): extracts from the opening remarks

Type: Press conference - summary   Référence: I080033   Durée: 04:48  Lieu: Brussels - EC/Berlaymont
On 27 June 2013, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, Martin Schulz, President of the EP, and Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister and President in office of the Council of the EU, held, at the European Commission in Brussels, a joint press briefing regarding the political agreement on the EU's future budget 2014-2020 reached under the Irish Presidency of the European Council.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the Berlaymont building in Brussels, Belgium 00:00:06
00:00:11 Martin Schulz, President of the EP, Janusz Lewandowski, Member of the EC in charge of Budget and Financial Programming, José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, and Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister and President in office of the Council of the EU, before the beginning of the joint press briefing 00:00:04
00:00:15 Soundbite by José Manuel Barroso (in ENGLISH): I am delighted to announce that today we have a political agreement on the European Union's future budget. The President of the European Parliament, the President of the Council, with the support of the European Commission have just agreed on this very important issue, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the next seven years for our European Union. 00:00:25
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00:00:46 Soundbite by José Manuel Barroso (in ENGLISH): The deal includes frontloading of expenditure on critical issues like youth employment, research, youth, namely Erasmus, and also SMEs. The deal includes also the possibility for the countries that so wish to increase the aid for most deprived people. The deal also confirms the agreement reached for this year amending budget and it gives guarantees that there will be the payments for European beneficiaries. 00:00:37
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00:01:30 Soundbite by Martin Schulz (in ENGLISH): The European Parliament was very disappointed with the outcome of the European Council on the 8th of February because we thought that is a combination of an appeal of national interest on one hand and an unambitious budget on the other hand. The goal of the European Parliament was how to make sure that the 908 billion Euros foreseen for the next 7 years as payment are really available. 00:00:31
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00:02:03 Soundbite by Martin Schulz (in ENGLISH): There will be a fight; I must fight in the Parliament for a majority. As President of the Parliament I agreed now with the Presidency of the Council, I am not responsible for my decision here. I will go now to the conference of Presidents of the European Parliament to ask them to put a vote on the agenda for next week and I will fight for a majority in the Parliament. This is not what I thought would be the best solution but it is the maximum I could and we could negotiate here. And the better choice between nothing and more my personal conclusion is always that 1% of something is more than 100% of nothing and therefore I can leave with the result and I will fight for the result. 00:00:53
00:02:56 Soundbite by Enda Kenny (in ENGLISH): This is an example of the European Union rising to the challenge here in the sense that when there are beliefs, conviction and cooperation, Europe can actually deliver. This week sees the conclusion of the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union but also sees the effective response in terms of the pillars that we have set out of stability growth and jobs now being focused by the European Union. This week is the conclusion of the CAP negotiations, last night the negotiations on banking resolution and on the guidelines for the ESM recapitalisation, the Erasmus for all program, the Horizon 2020. 00:00:46
00:03:42 Cutaway of a cameraman 00:00:05
00:03:46 Soundbite by Enda Kenny (in ENGLISH): We came here this morning to get a political agreement and I am happy that we got it. This is an important day for 500 million of citizens. It is also an important day for the 26 million people who where unemployed in the Union and what we now have to do in ratifying this political agreement by the Institutions is to see that these moneys are channelled into the effective program so the people all over this Union have the opportunity to have jobs and careers as a consequence. And I also want to see our Union working with towards the conclusions of the trade agreements with Canada, The US, with Japan, another area outside the Union which focus again on the potential of the Europe. 00:00:51
00:04:37 Handshakes between the speakers and departure 00:00:10
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