Visite de Karel De Gucht en Chine: extraits de la conférence de presse à l'issue du Comité mixte UE/Chine

Type: Conférence de presse - résumé   Référence: I079741   Durée: 00:02:35  Lieu: Pékin - UE/Délégation
Karel De Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade, travelled to China and held a press conference at the EU delegation in Beijing, following the EU-China Joint Committee. The previous edition of the Joint Committee was held end of May 2012 in Brussels. The talks focused on the preparations for the launch of negotiations for a bilateral investment agreement, market access barriers in a number of sectors, licensing and market access issues in the area of financial and telecommunication services, and ways to improve the enforcement of, and cooperation on intellectual property rights.

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00:00:05 Arrival of Karel De Gucht, Member of the EC in charge of Trade, to the press conference at the EU delegation in Beijing, following the EU-China Joint Committee 00:00:09
00:00:14 Soundbite by Karel De Gucht (in ENGLISH): We also discussed about the possible upcoming negotiations on an investment agreement. You know what the position of the EU is, that it should not only be about investment protection but also about market access. In the two previous summits it has been agreed that the negotiations would be about all topics of interest to either sides so the Chinese agreed that we would also discuss about market access. 00:00:37
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00:00:55 Soundbite by Karel De Gucht (in ENGLISH): Internally in the EU, we have been presenting three or four weeks ago a draft mandate to the Council of Ministers so that they can decide on all mandates and we have agreed this morning to streamline this procedure with the Chinese so that we more or less together arrive at the finish, the finish being the start. 00:00:29
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00:01:28 Soundbite by Karel De Gucht (in ENGLISH) on solar panels: The Chinese and European negotiators have started their discussions last week in Brussels; they met for several days and our European negotiators have already come to Beijing yesterday and will also meet today on the issue with a very clear view to come to a negotiated and amicable solution. 00:00:34
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00:02:07 Soundbite by Karel De Gucht (in ENGLISH): You know that for the first two months, the tariff that is applicable will be a little bit less than 12% and then the 6th of August it would move up, which means that we should reach an agreement so as to have a solution that can be implemented by the 6th of August. 00:00:28
00:02:35 General view of the press conference 00:00:04
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