Visit of Catherine Ashton to Egypt: meeting with Mohamed Morsi, Mohamed Kamel Amr, press point

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On 19 June 2013, Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC, went to Cairo where she met with Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt, and Mohamed Kamel Amr, Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs. The country was the second leg of a four-day visit to the Middle East.

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00:00:05 Round table with Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC, and Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt (5 shots) 00:00:34
00:00:39 Exterior view of Radisson Blu Hotel in Cairo 00:00:07
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00:00:52 Round table with Catherine Ashton and Mohamed Kamel Amr, Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs (4 shots) 00:00:42
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00:01:37 Soundbite by Mohamed Kamel Amr (in ARABIC) saying that they talked about a lot of things, among them the Egyptian issue with the President. Saying that they talked with Lady Ashton and her staff about the challenges faced by Egypt and other many aspects of the relationship between Egypt and the EU. Saying that they talked about events in the Middle East. They discussed the role of the EU in the region and especially in Syria. Saying that they share the same point of view about what is happening in this country, how tragically it is for all Syrian, and how much they are suffering. Hundred thousand people already died in Syria, there are one million and a half refugees that fled the country and four other millions still remaining in the country (displaced from their home). Saying that they can not approve that situation. They will do their best to make peace happen in Syria and stop the suffering during the upcoming Geneva 2 conference. Saying that they have to hurry to reach a solution to stop Syrian's people suffering. Saying that they are trying to gather the whole Syrian opposition to reach a good solution to stop the suffering. 00:01:39
00:03:16 Soundbite by Mohamed Kamel Amr (in ARABIC) on the crisis with Ethiopia regarding the dam. 00:00:19
00:03:36 Soundbite by Catherine Ashton (in ENGLISH): Let me say first of all, what a pleasure it is to be back in Egypt and to have the opportunity to meet with President Morsi and of course with Foreign Minister Amr and some of the opposition people this morning. Interesting and important conversations as always as we work with the government, the people of Egypt for the future. And as ever, I want to wish this country every possible success. I want to say something about the question I was asked. First of all to agree absolutely with the Minister that we are supporting what's become known as Geneva 2 the process of helping to find a political solution which in the end is a solution that is going to be necessary if we are going to end the blood shed, stop the fighting and bring peace. I've been travelling in the region and seen the effects of so many people displaced from there home and I pay tribute to all the countries including Egypt who have looked after people so well. But we really need to move forward. And on the dam, we follow closely the situation, I was delighted that the Minister had good discussions in Ethiopia and will continue to work to ensure that there is a good solution. 00:01:29
00:05:05 Soundbite by Catherine Ashton (in ENGLISH) on the EU financial aid: If you look at all the different ways in which the European Union supports Egypt, they are different aspects of the money and the support we give. First of all, we put a lot of emphasis on supporting the poorest people in your population and that money is coming through our projects and through our programs. We have also tried in encouraging investments from industry which is going to be so vital and we try to encourage the growth of small and medium size businesses here which are the backbone of the economy. Some of the money is of course linked to IMF and the way in which we are able to move forward. But we want to find this country moving forward to see the kind of developments that are going to be so necessary and to back it up with our resources. 00:01:10
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