Accession ceremony of Croatia to the EU: opening address by Martin Schulz

Type: Complete speech   Référence: I079493   Durée: 02:58  Lieu: Zagreb
Martin Schulz, President of the EP, made a closing address at the accession ceremony of Croatia to the EU on 1 July 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.

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00:00:00 Speech by Martin Schulz, President of the EP, (in ENGLISH, GERMAN and CROATIAN):Mr President,Prime Minister,Ladies and Gentlemen,And because I'm a German President of the European Parliament: Liebe Bürgerin von Kroatien und von Zagreb,Today is a historic day for Croatia and for the European Union. Today is a good day to remember what we have achieved together in Croatia and in the EU. We have built a unique society in Europe: a democratic and social society with the richest internal market of the world and institutions based on the respect for the rule of law and human rights - we have together built the most free, most socially just and prosperous region in the world. Since its foundation, the European Union has been a promise of peace. For the Western Balkans, a region that less than two decades ago was torn and devastated by war, European Union and integration has become a magnet of peace and change.Croatia is a pioneer with a true European spirit: You have created institutions based on the values of democracy, reconciliation and the rule of law; you have reformed your economy and made it more competitive; you have demonstrated that through determination and hard-work EU membership can be achieved. In the name of the members of the European Parliament I want to pay tribute to the Croatian people for continuing on the path of reform. Europe - that's for its citizens. Europe - that's what we want it to be. Europe - that's what we make out of it together. The contribution of the Croatian citizens to our common project will enrich us all. Bring your ideas and initiatives to the table. We are looking forward to them.Dobro došli u Europsku Uniju! Dobro došli kući! 00:02:58
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