G8 summit opens in Northern Ireland Resort

Type: News   Reference: i-079448   Duration: 00:06:44  Lieu: Lough Erne, Northern Ireland
End production: 17/06/2013   First transmission: 17/06/2013
David Cameron, UK Prime minister, welcomes world leaders for the opening of the G8 Summit in a Lough Erne luxury Resort in Northern Ireland.

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00:00:00 TITLE 00:00:05
00:00:05 David Cameron welcomes EC President Jose Manuel Barroso (8 shots) 00:00:53
00:00:58 David Cameron welcomes EU President Herman Van Rompuy (9 shots) 00:01:02
00:02:00 David Cameron welcomes Italian Prime minister Enrico Letta (3 shots) 00:00:27
00:02:28 David Cameron welcomes japanese Prime minster Shinzo Abe (4 shots) 00:00:36
00:03:04 David Cameron welcomes canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper (3 shots) 00:00:29
00:03:34 David Cameron welcomes german Chancellor Angela Merkel (4 shots) 00:00:37
00:04:11 David Cameron welcomes french President François Hollande (6 shots) 00:00:50
00:05:01 David Cameron welcomes russian President Vladimir Poutine (4 shots) 00:00:48
00:05:50 David Cameron welcomes US President Barack Obama (9 shots) 00:00:54
00:06:44 END 00:00:00
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