Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council: Extracts from the press conference (Sport) by the Irish Presidency and the European Commission

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End production: 17/05/2013   First transmission: 17/05/2013
In its sport session, ministers discussed the role of public authorities in combating increased sophistication of doping in sport (8795/13). Whilst the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is currently revising its anti-doping code, with more sophisticated methods of doping continually emerging and evidence of increased criminal infiltration, public authorities have to develop new and more effective approaches in the fight against doping. Representatives from the world of sports are expected to participate. Ministers also took note of information from the Presidency on the state of play regarding the recommendation for a decision authorising the European Commission to participate, on behalf of the EU, in the negotiations for an international convention of the Council of Europe to combat the manipulation of sports results. The Council is due to adopt conclusions on dual careers for athletes, which include guidelines to develop and improve the required conditions for successfully combining sporting careers with education or work, establishing specific arrangements for talented and elite athletes throughout Europe. Promotion of dual careers of athletes responds to several goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy (prevention of early school leaving, increasing graduates in higher education, higher employability).

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00:00:15 SOUNDBITE by Michael Ring, Irish Minister of State with special responsibility for Tourism and Sport (Department of Transport Tourism and Sport (In English) saying that: We need to change the culture of doping within sport and certainly, people cannot be rewarded as we had the recent Lance Armstrong case as where he was stripped of all his titles but at the same time, today he has held on to the funding that he received over the years and we certainly have to deal with that; and also, harmonised the anti-doping policies across Europe and that means that we have to bring in legislation right across Europe, that we have to have a common denominator, everybody working together, everybody supporting one another and we need increased scientific research. 00:00:37
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00:00:56 SOUNDBITE by Androulla Vassiliou, Member of the EC in charge of Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth (In English) saying that: We discussed how public authorities can contribute to tackling increased sophistication in doping practises. To respond effectively we need to stay ahead of the 'bad guys' as we said in both technology and legal sophistication. The Commission is supporting prevention and education to address doping in sport and we have provided in the period 2010 – 2012, 750.000 Euros in support of transnational projects for raising awareness on doping for preventing measures. 00:00:46
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00:01:46 SOUNDBITE by Patrick Hickey, President of the European Olympic Committee (In English) saying that: The discussion we had was very interesting and I would also like to again repeat what I said at the meeting to compliment the Commissioner for the new funding of sport that is happening and there is a so-called sport chapter whereby there will be an amount of money available to help organizations to work with local authorities, government, agencies, etc.. to fight against doping which we must always be very vigilant. 00:00:31
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00:02:20 SOUNDBITE by Travis Tygart, CEO of the US Antidoping Agency (In English) saying that: You saw that we still maintain that the greatest injustice that can happen in sport is when on athlete is robbed of what he otherwise deserve because someone else on the playing field is cheating by using performance enhancing drugs and we welcome this opportunity to use the lessons we have learned trough the U.S. Postal Services case to help the EU find ways to better enhance the fight against doping in sport and we look forward to an ongoing robust and candid discussion about ways we can do that. 00:00:38
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